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Serial Killer Levi Bellfield asks Micheal Stone to take a Lie detector test over Childrens Murder

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US Customs -  You might face a robot "Lie Detector" in the future

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How Essex Police are using polygraph "Lie Detectors" in Legal System!

Essex police start using Lie detector tests to monitor sex offenders.

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Public take to twitter to proclaim woman innocent of Murder.

Mother Amanda Lewis passed Lie Detector test but was convicted of murder.

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 Jeremy Kyle spends £1500 on a lie detector test over a dog, and he is not happy!

Family feud turns chaotic over who owns a dog!

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 UK Police turn to Polygraph to interview suspects!

Hertfordshire Police have started using Polygraph Lie Detectors to see if suspects are telling the truth!

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 Fishing Competition Winner has to take Lie Detector test before receiving his Prize!

A New Zealand Fisherman has taken and passed a polygraph test to prove he didn't cheat when landing a monster Marlin!

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 Katie Price tells Jeremy Kyle that the Lie Detector test from his show saved her marriage!

The former model revealed she had gone to the talk show hosts team so that she could do a test on her husband.

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 Devastated bride-to-be calls off her wedding on Jeremy Kyle after cheating fiancé fails a lie detector test

A new mother who has a one-week old baby with her fiancé has called off their wedding with just six weeks

to go after discovering he had been unfaithful.

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 Cop is Fired after failing a Lie Detector Test over missing Person

A Kentucky police officer has been fired for allegedly tampering with an investigation regarding the

missing girlfriend of his brother, who has just been named the only suspect in her disappearance. 

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 Jeremy Kyle Guest "Falls Asleep" During Lie Detector Test!

Jeremy Kyle was not impressed with one of his guests after it was revealed he failed his
lie detector test after falling ASLEEP!


Detecting lies by your eyes:

Police agencies test new lie detection test

Law enforcement had the opportunity to look into new equipment and devices for their
department including a new way of detecting deception.

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More than 600 Russian civil servants have undergone lie detector tests this year—

a practice that has had a positive effect on weeding out those who are liable to

corruption, a city official said Friday.

The St. Petersburg Times

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Prosecutors offer murder defendant deal that could free him from jail

If accused killer Gustavo Enamorado Dubon passes polygraph charge will be dropped

Author: Bob Norman, Reporter, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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For further information about polygraph lie detector tests please download pdf file